Fishing Report Feb 2nd 2011

Gooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!! Down here at the beautiful Los Suenos Marina on a fine summer day,lets see what Capt. Walton and crew are up to…….. Well it seems they have just steamed in from Quepos where they took an impresive 3rd place in the Fly Fish tourney held there…….Nice job everyone….Meanwhile back at the ranch……………

1/28 Mr. James Lankin joining us from the Great White North… Canada returns after 3 Sailfish bites and boarding a fine Yellowfin Tuna…..

1/29 Today we find David Willens hailing from Fla. aboard Sunny One and docks after releasing 2 Sailfish………

1/31 Mark Duda Joins Sunny One today and steams in later in the evening after getting 1 Marlin bite and 3 Sailfish……….

Well that’s goin to wrap up the month of Jan. So lets Adios ,and welcome to Feb.
sunny one sportfisnig in costa rica

On another note,there was an incident involving one of the yachts,it seems they were fishing and ran into some Tuna nets that were not flagged in any way….. I am looking into this, and hope to have some details for my next report.
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Until next time
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Guanacaste Real Estate from Ottawa, CAN says 2011-02-06 14:16:10 Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to visit the place, hopefully in the near future. ..:D Btw, keep us updated about the yacht incident!
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