Fishing Report Dicember 2016

Marlin Joven



Fishing report December 2016

This is Erick Heigold from Stay in Costa Rica, at Los Sueños Resort and Marina.


Some changes have been made through this month on our boat the Sunny One, Captain Ismael Oporta is no longer part of the crew at Stay on Costa Rica. One of our favourite Captains of all time, Captain Walton Smith is behind the wheel of the Sunny One once again, and he began his new chapter with quite a count of 3 Marlins and 2 Sails.


The Sunny One went out 15 times, more than last month, this is because of the high season starting to peak, getting ready for the months of January and February, we will notice an increase in Marlin and Sail, it is the prime time for both of these species. I hope you are here by then and don’t miss out on the excitement.


Sunny One Count


Marlin 9

Sail 23

Dorado 26

Tuna 8


Comments like “Awesome! We love our crew and caught lots of fish. So much fun! You guys know what you´re doing”, motivate us to fish with passion day to day.


And, ¨Another great day on the Sunny One. Added a beautiful yellow fin Tuna to our 2 day collection of fish. Jeremy and Walter worked very hard to make sure our day was enjoyable. Great guys! Thank you again Sunny One¨.


Wind: The University of Costa Rica reported, Conditions for the month of December  were overall calm, with a normal day being winds up to 22 kph, and a windy day reached wind speed up to 29 kph, overall a normal and easy month for fishing in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


Tide:The University of Costa Rica reported, for the first part of the month, hard conditions, swell period 18 seconds, but conditions start smoothing out after the 8th of december with a nice climate for fishing, easy seas most of the time.

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