The Perfect Vacation at Stay In Costa Rica

May 29th, 2017

The Perfect Vacation at Stay In Costa Rica

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August 31st, 2011

Below is some information we received from Los Sueños Communications office.

Exciting things are happening at Los Sueños…Get ready for three big sporting events over the next two months, starting with an Eco Triathlon this Sunday, September 4th. Read more…


To kick off the first Los Sueños Marriott-BMW Eco Cup in Los Sueños Resort and Marina, is a Triathlon which will take place this coming Sunday, September 4th. An estimated 300 participants and an additional 600 spectators are expected to arrive starting Friday night.

The staging area for the competition will be on the volleyball field of the Marriott property. Participants will complete the swim leg, then go on to cycling and finish with a run. The first leg of the competition will take place off the Marriott beach starting at 5 am. The second leg will take the cyclists from the Marriott, out the main gates of the resort, down to Esterillos and back to the Marriott. The third and final leg will take the runners from the Marriott, along the path in front of the Beach Club, in front of the Marina Entry building and back to the Marriott along the main road.

The competition is scheduled to end between 11 am and noon, with the awards ceremony taking place at 2 pm on the Marriott lawn.

We would like to advise home owners, renters, marina users and property managers, that a portion of the main road will be blocked off for the race Sunday morning. Traffic along the main boulevard will be directed to one side of the road from the main entry to the rotunda, and from the rotunda down to the marina there will be a 1-2 meter wide path, marked by pylons, for runners.

There will be parking for spectators at Playa Vista and Spectator Areas are being set up on the Marriott lawn and on the green area by the Marina. Los Sueños Marina Village Restaurants will have a snack and refreshment stand at the Marina Spectator Area.

Come down and enjoy the first event of the 2011 Eco Cup!

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Policy of Social Responsibility

April 29th, 2010

Stay in Costa Rica´s big project is to help children; during years we have been helping different groups to make a real Christmas party for children around the country. Now we know that a good education is the ticket to a secure future, which is why we have decided to help schools around Los Sueños Resort, based on the characteristics of the community, culture and the problems that affect them. Community involvement is part of our culture and everyone at Stay in Costa Rica is part of this new challenge; to raise money for charity.

Bijagual School 003
We have beautiful places around, and we send customer to explore the region in different tours that we offer, reason why we want to make sure that every tourist area that has a small forgotten school will be favored by this initiative.
The first chosen is  Escuela Jose Salazar Zuñiga, a small school located in Bijagual de Turrubares, Stay in Costa Rica´s donations of a photocopier, scanner, fax and printer, a CD Player and a DVD player is part of a big project that will help thousands of kids to receive a better education.
We are now encouraging people to help donate as everyone usually has the tendency of wanting to contribute, they just do not know as to where to start from. We are sure we will get a tremendous response in everything that we undertake with a good heart. We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute in helping the world become a better place.
Milena Arroyo.

Bijagual School 006

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