October 15th Fishing Report

October 16th, 2014

Bill Fishing in Costa Rica
Costa Rica has been in the top 10 places for Bill Fishing around the world for years and it still holds its reputation with its abundant habitat along the pacific.  Costa Rica´s great for its water and weather conditions staying consistent throughout the year to keep the fish and the fishermen here year round.
The best time of year for fishing typically is January through March but the fishing as of lately says otherwise this green season lets take a look at what October has brought us thus far.
Spanish Fly- 42′ Custom Maverick Capt. Juan Carlos Fallas
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with great conditions clean blue water and clear sky they released 5 Sail Fish and 1 Stripped Marlin.
Fantastic Fishing!
Oct. 11th- Ruff conditions caught 2 Sails and called it a day.
Hoos you Daddy- 36’ Topaz Sport Fisher Capt Dana Thomas a/c

Oct. 13th-Full day offshore only running about 25 miles out to clean waters and they had a great day releasing 8 out of 9 Sail Fish 2 double headers and 1 Dorado for dinner.

Excellent day!
Dragon Fly- 42′ Custom Maverick Capt. James Smith (hermano de Walton)
Oct. 11th- Full day offshore with great conditions releasing 8 of 11 Sail Fish and 2 Dorado(MahiMahi).
Great Day!
Macushla- 38′ Custom 2005 A/C Capt. Johnny
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with outstanding conditions they released 9 of 11 Sail Fish and a large Dorado.
Fantastic Fishing!
Sunny 1- 32′ Maverick Sport Fisher Capt Ismael Oporto
Oct. 10th- Full day offshore with great conditions they caught 7 Sail Fish and 1 Dorado.
Oct. 11th- Full day offshore ruff conditions but still a great day releasing 3 Sail Fish and a Blue Marlin.
Great Day!
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August 31st, 2011

Below is some information we received from Los Sueños Communications office.

Exciting things are happening at Los Sueños…Get ready for three big sporting events over the next two months, starting with an Eco Triathlon this Sunday, September 4th. Read more…


To kick off the first Los Sueños Marriott-BMW Eco Cup in Los Sueños Resort and Marina, is a Triathlon which will take place this coming Sunday, September 4th. An estimated 300 participants and an additional 600 spectators are expected to arrive starting Friday night.

The staging area for the competition will be on the volleyball field of the Marriott property. Participants will complete the swim leg, then go on to cycling and finish with a run. The first leg of the competition will take place off the Marriott beach starting at 5 am. The second leg will take the cyclists from the Marriott, out the main gates of the resort, down to Esterillos and back to the Marriott. The third and final leg will take the runners from the Marriott, along the path in front of the Beach Club, in front of the Marina Entry building and back to the Marriott along the main road.

The competition is scheduled to end between 11 am and noon, with the awards ceremony taking place at 2 pm on the Marriott lawn.

We would like to advise home owners, renters, marina users and property managers, that a portion of the main road will be blocked off for the race Sunday morning. Traffic along the main boulevard will be directed to one side of the road from the main entry to the rotunda, and from the rotunda down to the marina there will be a 1-2 meter wide path, marked by pylons, for runners.

There will be parking for spectators at Playa Vista and Spectator Areas are being set up on the Marriott lawn and on the green area by the Marina. Los Sueños Marina Village Restaurants will have a snack and refreshment stand at the Marina Spectator Area.

Come down and enjoy the first event of the 2011 Eco Cup!

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Introducing the new, full-time Doctor at Los Sueños’ CARE Clinic

April 26th, 2011

Good Afternoon,

As most of you know, Clinica Biblica, a private healthcare group out of San Jose, took over the operation and management of Los Sueños’ CARE Clinic in late December. Clinica Biblica was originally founded by an Irish couple working as missionaries in Costa Rica. Their original principles are still an integral part of Clinica Biblica’s policies today in regards to management and social outreach. In fact, one third of Clinica Biblica’s total earnings is dedicated to social outreach programs (see http://www.clinicabiblica.com/eng/histo ry-costa-rica-private-hospitals-clinic.html). We are very pleased to have Clinica Biblica’s presence in Los Sueños, as they bring with them the backing of hundreds of doctors and specialists, a complete state-of-the-art private hospital in San Jose, pharmaceutical department, and more along with over 80 years experience in the medical health industry in Costa Rica.

On April 1st, Dr. Erisel Sanabria Coto (photo attached) became the principal, full-time physician at Los Sueños’ CARE Clinic. Dr. Sanabria is a graduate of UCIMED (University of Medical Sciences, Costa Rica) and is fully bilingual (EN/SP). She is young, energetic and looks forward to making Los Sueños her new home. Please feel free to go by and meet Dr. Sanabria at your leisure.

Clinic hours and rates are:

7 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday: 30,000 colones

6 pm to 10 pm Monday to Saturday: 37,500 colones

7 am to 10 pm Sunday: 37,500 colones

10 pm to 7 am Monday to Sunday: 50,000 colones

These rates include the consultation only. Ask at the Clinic for the rates for other services.

Contact Information:

Clinic: 2637-8610

House: 2630-4460

Fax: 2637-8608

Radio Frequency 2 “Eco 1” or “Eco 2”

Service for normal consultations or emergencies is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Ashley Bretecher

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Los Sueños Resort and Marina / A Dream Made Reality, Beyond Compare

Tel: 011.506.2630.4000 · Direct: 2630.4005 | Fax: 011.506.2630.4010 · Direct: 2630.4006

a.bretecher@lsrm.com | www.LSRM.com

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Fishing Report June 25th

July 8th, 2010

Gooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!! Back down at the Los Suenos Marina Lets check in with Captain Walton and see how the month of June is closing out……

6-17 Finds Ron Pearson on board Sunny One today, and docks later after hooking up 2 Yellow Fin Tuna and 1 fine Snapper….

6-18 Up next we have Valerie Minnick trying her angeling skills and has a great day returning after releasing 1 Sailfish and hooking up 3 Wahoo and 2 Yellowfin tuna..

6-19 Today Valerie returns for more and steams in after hooking up 3 Cabrillas…

6-20 Aboard Sunny One today we have the one and only El Jefe ,the Big Kahuna, Stay in Costa Ricas founding father and our our Fearless Leader. Mr. Larry Savage who later docks after a nice day showing 10 Cabrillas and 4 Snappers Okeydokey Lar…..

6-23 Heading out this fine morning Aron Elbe calls the shots and slams it with 1 Yellowfin Tuna 1 Sailfish and 8 Whooping Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6-24 Simon Duquesnay heads out and returns after hooking up a nice Snapper for dinner….

6-25 The John Morrow group joins Sunny One today and steams back into the dock with 1 Wahoo and 1 Yellowfin Tuna aboard…..

June turned out to be a fine month for Sportfishing from the Los Suenos Marina!!!!! As always, thanks to all you anglers who shared your fishing adventures with us aboard Sunny One. Keep in touch for the best deals in Costa Rica on Luxury Villas and Condos……

Until next time……… No bananas on board………
Cathem Up Salty dog

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Costa Rica Real Estate Market Overview

June 10th, 2010

As was the case for most Real Estate markets last year, Costa Rica saw a decline in property values in 2009. Leading up to that time Costa Rica had emerged as one of the hottest new markets for tourism and second home buyers. The combination of a vacation paradise, friendly locals and rising property values lured buyers and kept both pre-sale and re-sale markets strong. Sensing the opportunity, local developers moved forward with new projects. When the world’s economic situation worsened and cash flow tightened, speculation slowed along with home sales. Less demand softened the market and the heightened inventory forced prices down as much as 25-30% in some areas.

Due to the fact that this was not a big market to begin with, the absorption of product and recovery of pricing seems to be stabilizing quickly. Another factor that has helped the market rebound was the limited number of mortgages that were placed on Costa Rica properties. Costa Rican banks were normally more conservative and never really adopted the aggressive terms and tactics seen in many of the world’s lending institutions. Therefore foreclosures and bank inventories have not had much of a role in this Real Estate market. As a matter of fact the Costa Rica banks and local economy have fared much better than the US during this crisis. All these factors have played a role in limiting the down side and prompting the recovery of prices.

As we look regionally within the country, the Central Pacific Coast will have a huge boost this spring with the opening of the new highway linking the airport and capital city of San Jose to the Pacific Coast. This highly anticipated project has been 20 years in the offering and will cut drive time from the airport and downtown San Jose by more than half (55 minutes). The eminent opening has prompted a flurry of Costa Rican buyers to acquire beach homes at attractive rolled back prices and make this coastal paradise a regular part of their lifestyle.

Looking specifically at the Los Sueños Real Estate market, it is clear that we are fortunate to be a part of the finest Resort Development in the country. The current market in Los Sueños Resort proves that values based on superior location, abundant amenities and quality infrastructure will stand the test of time. It seems as though there is less turnover and more of a commitment with Los Sueños buyers to own property with long term intentions. However we have seen some distressed sellers who have been forced to sell at under market prices due to their financial setbacks in the U.S.

If you have an interest in speaking with a Real Estate professional regarding opportunities in Los Sueños or the surrounding area, feel free to call or email us.

Written by Larry Savage, Stay In Costa Rica Owner and Head of Stay In Costa Rica Real Estate

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Policy of Social Responsibility

April 29th, 2010

Stay in Costa Rica´s big project is to help children; during years we have been helping different groups to make a real Christmas party for children around the country. Now we know that a good education is the ticket to a secure future, which is why we have decided to help schools around Los Sueños Resort, based on the characteristics of the community, culture and the problems that affect them. Community involvement is part of our culture and everyone at Stay in Costa Rica is part of this new challenge; to raise money for charity.

Bijagual School 003
We have beautiful places around, and we send customer to explore the region in different tours that we offer, reason why we want to make sure that every tourist area that has a small forgotten school will be favored by this initiative.
The first chosen is  Escuela Jose Salazar Zuñiga, a small school located in Bijagual de Turrubares, Stay in Costa Rica´s donations of a photocopier, scanner, fax and printer, a CD Player and a DVD player is part of a big project that will help thousands of kids to receive a better education.
We are now encouraging people to help donate as everyone usually has the tendency of wanting to contribute, they just do not know as to where to start from. We are sure we will get a tremendous response in everything that we undertake with a good heart. We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute in helping the world become a better place.
Milena Arroyo.

Bijagual School 006

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Fishing Report April 28th

April 28th, 2010


Gooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!

Heading down to the World Class Los Sueños Marina, we’re starting to see a little rain, but not to bad… Lets check in and see how Captain Walton on Sunny One are doing and away we go………

4-23 Our buddy Dan Ross returns and steams in later after hooking up 2 Dinner Dorados.

4-26 Today we find Lisle Head joining Sunny One and docks in the afternoon after releasing 3 Sailfish and 1 fine Yellowfin Tuna.

4-27 Up next Miles McDaniel boards Sunny and has a fine day hooking and releasing 5 Sailfish.

4-28 Angeling today we have Mr. Tom Dahl who returns with a definite popeye arm after a great day releasing an impressive 18 Sails Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That will almost wrap up April….Until next time, keep update to date and checking our Web to see what’s up with some of the best sportfishing in the world, and the best prices on luxury villas and condos in Costa Rica…

Until next time……… No bananas on board!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catchem Up Salty Dog

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Fishing Report April 20th

April 22nd, 2010


Gooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!! Back down at the beautifull Los Suenos Marina on a Sunny day, lets check in with Captain Walton and crew to see what theyve been bringing up from the “Briny deep”……

4-14 Today Bruce Wilson boards Sunny One and docks with 6 Snappers…….

4-15 Finds Mr. Micheal Landman angeling today and returns after releasing 1 fighting Sailfish.

4-17 Rich Resinbeck joins the crew of Sunny One and docks after hooking up and releasing 1 Sail.

4-19 Finds owners of the beautifull Villa Oasis aboard and has a great day returning after releasing 1 Sailfish, 1 dinner Dorado and 1 Wahoo………

4-20 The Oasis gang joins us again today and docks after releasing 3 Sails and 1 fine Dorado….

As always thanks to all anglers who joined us on Sunny One, Keep updated on our Web… We should be coming up with more good deals as always… Hey its time to start thinking about Mothers Day ( May 9th) and Fathers Day ( June 20th) The family that fishes together……….. are coooool.

Give your kids a hug and kiss…… its free!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time Catchem Up Salty Dog

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A Costa Rica Golf Adventure Appeals to All

April 14th, 2010

By: Joel Zuckerman

There are a number of great reasons as to why the Central American nation of Costa Rica is such a worthwhile vacation spot, and we’ll cover that ground shortly. But in the meantime, let me present two simple facts:

Cariari Country Club

Over the last 60-plus press and/or discovery trips I’ve participated in over the last dozen years to five countries and more than 20 states, I have never been without my golf clubs. But on a recent family foray to Costa Rica, instead of dragging along my casket-sized, rolling travel-cover and sticks, my “golf bag” was the size of a tobacco pouch, and contained only a half-dozen balls, some tees and a glove.
It’s not that I’m such a huge fan of rental sets, and truthfully, the various clubs I used during my rounds in Costa Rica were literally and metaphorically a mixed bag. But there is so much to see, do and experience in this tropical paradise, I purposely limited golf to just two rounds total during a weeklong visit, leaving plenty of time for adrenaline-fueled adventuring.
Landy Blank knows the Costa Rican golf scene as well as most anybody as he is the owner and founder of Costa Rica Golf Adventures, a specialty tour company. “We first came here 20 years ago, and we loved it so much we kept coming back,” begins the native Philadelphian who has lived in Costa Rica for some 15 years. “The people are wonderful and very welcoming, as is the climate. Part of the country is mountainous, so temperatures are cooler, and it’s very warm down at the beach.”

Interest in golf has grown dramatically from both tourists and Ticos (slang for a native Costa Rican) in recent years. The National Golf Association has tripled in size since Blank began his business in the mid-1990s. So these words sound strange coming from a golf tour operator. “I wouldn’t call Costa Rica a bona fide golf destination,” continues Blank, who moved to Central America from Charleston, South Carolina. “To me, a golf destination is when you can park yourself in a hotel, and play a range of courses either on or near property. There are half-a-dozen viable golf options in Costa Rica, though they are fairly spread out. There are three courses on the northwest coast in Guanacaste, two in greater San Jose, and one in the central pacific area near Jaco Beach.”
Costa Rica is often described as the size of West Virginia, and just as rugged in terrain. A common expression states that if God himself squashed the island flat, the landmass would be the size of Texas. “It’s not very big, but it’s not easy to get around,” offers Blank. “The roads are tricky, with potholes and such, full of switchbacks, hairpin turns, one-lane bridges. A destination might only be 100 miles away, but can take three hours of driving to get there. So you don’t play one course in San Jose (the capital city) in the morning, and another one if the afternoon elsewhere. It doesn’t generally work that way.”

Driving isn’t particularly easy at Cariari Country Club, either, though it’s not quite life-threatening. It’s tight, target oriented, tree-lined and full of OB stakes, a situation that’s psychologically exacerbated by the presence of a sticky white substance ringing many of the omnipresent hardwoods on the course from the ground up, a resin that deters insect infestation. From a glance from the tee box it appears as though all these trees are also OB, in addition to the real stakes.
Lots of ravines, hard doglegs, plenty of fairway woods and hybrids off the tee and a few road crossings give one a sense the course is shoehorned onto the available acreage. It’s a crazy-quilt property as a whole, slightly disjointed, with netting, odd ditches and plenty of housing. But the individual holes are quite interesting and fun to play, taken one at a time.

Battling the Rapids in Costa Rica

Uphill and down, narrow and wider, plateau greens, tough bunkering. Barely 10 minutes from the nation’s main airport in San Jose, Cariari is an excellent way to begin a vacation, particularly if one is staying at the nearby Ramada Herradura, just a half-mile down the road. With many U.S. flights landing in the evening, staying at this well-appointed Ramada and touring Cariari early the next morning before heading towards the beach or mountains is an efficient way to begin a Costa Rican adventure.
Of course, some guys come to Costa Rica and never get too far from San Jose. They just want to golf, gamble and have a good time with the ladies. (Both casino gambling and prostitution are legal. The two “shrines” to the latter are the Del Ray Bar in San Jose and the Beetle Bar in Jaco Beach for those so inclined.)
Others, such as this correspondent, come to golf, but just as importantly experience the outdoors in other ways, either on zip-lines, ATV’s, in a kayak or sailboat, or even on a rappel line. Bearing all that in mind, it’s easy to understand that despite his company’s name, Landy Blank also handles groups that don’t play golf at all. This is not surprising, considering that fishing, whitewater rafting, even bird-watching are among the many activities available to non-golfers.

For pure thrills, it’s hard to beat zip-lining – unless you’re inclined to lower yourself down a sheer rock wall, tethered to a climbing rope, either adjacent to, or actually through a natural waterfall; more on the latter in a moment. Zip-lining is ubiquitous throughout Costa Rica. It combines speed, height, natural surroundings and awesome views, assuming one has enough wherewithal to look around while traversing from tree to tree on a wire and pulley system. The Canopy Vista Los Suenos tour features 13 separate “zips,” a latticework of wires stretched among the thick forests near the Los Suenos Resort. However, for every 10 adventurous souls willing to zip-line, probably only one or two will be willing to hitch themselves to a climbing rope and descend through the waterfalls, a uniquely adrenaline-fueled adventure offered by Pure Trek Canyoning up in the Arenal Volcano Region.
You can get just as wet without wearing a climbing harness or helmet, courtesy of the snorkeling, kayaking and sailing adventures offered by Kayak Jaco and its gregarious owner, American Neil Kahn. For those adventure-starved and time-pressed, one can get a “two-for-one” water experience by kayaking to the gorgeous beach near the company headquarters in Jaco, then snorkeling among the rocks just offshore, feeding grounds for dozens of different species of fish. It’s all that most would require, water-wise, and making it back to the hotel for lunch or a midday tee time is easily within reason.
Jose Quesada is the Director of Golf at La Iguana Golf Club, at the Marriott Los Suenos Resort near Jaco Beach, not even 15 minutes from the recommended kayaking and zip-line adventures. “Years ago the only courses in the country were private. But because a number of resort and public-access courses have opened over time, now golf is becoming another vacation activity that visitors really enjoy, with all of our other great activities,” explains the native Costa Rican.

They will really enjoy the game at the highly-unusual La Iguana. It occupies a narrow valley that is by turn part rainforest, part jungle and part wildlife refuge, and eventually, a more standard resort experience that concludes on flatter terrain with some long-range ocean view holes. “You experience different climates, and different environments on our golf course. It’s like a little tour of Costa Rica itself,” concludes the pro.
La Iguana is a spectacular, if indifferently maintained golf course, and the chance to fail in spectacular fashion is lurking around every fairway bend. High jungle walls hem in the golfer, often on both sides. The wetlands, pinching fairways, cross-hazards, lateral hazards and oddly-angled greens force a golfer to play defensively and a bit off-balance. Repeat plays and a degree of familiarity would mitigate this feeling somewhat, but an initial playing (and let’s face it – most resort guests or visitors are only playing a round or two at most) will leave many golfers a bit out of sync.

One of the Tight Holes at La Iguana Golf Course

This may be a golf course at a resort, but it isn’t a typical resort course by any stretch. La Iguana is a tough, albeit exhilarating test, and only as the course descends from the upper reaches to the flatland of the resort does it begin to mellow and return to normal as the ocean holes give way to the finish.
While the Marriott Los Suenos is a fine and elegant hotel, an equally great lodging option is the well-appointed condominium rental program at Los Suenos Resort, as administered by the management company, www.stayincostarica.com. Spacious and tastefully decorated, the program allows families to spread out a bit, access a private pool and private gym, and rent golf carts to tour the spacious property, if so desired. And because it features fully-equipped kitchens, visitors have the option of cooking any meal from the comfort of their temporary home.

The Springs Resort and Spa

Let me conclude by recommending two distinctive Costa Rican lodging properties that are utterly delightful and, in keeping with the recurring theme of this travelogue, are completely golf-free. Every room, every pool, every deck, restaurant, lobby area and stairwell at the superb Springs Resort and Spa has a billion-dollar view of the Arenal Volcano looming just across the valley. It’s one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world and is accessible by day hikes or nightly lava viewing expeditions. Many guests eschew leaving the property, however, instead luxuriating in no less than 18 separate freeform naturally-fed hot springs and pools, ranging in temperature from 76 to 103 degrees.
While reaching the world-class Springs Resort is a three-hour expedition from San Jose, the bucolic Vista del Valle Plantation Inn, despite its serene setting, is remarkably just 30-odd minutes from the airport. Even the most nature-centric hotels are usually pockets of shrubbery, trees and gardens set amidst the various bungalows. But this low-profile, tucked-away inn, with its smattering of villas, cabins, cottages and “casitas,” turns this sensibility inside-out.

Pool with Volcano on View at Springs Resort & Spa

This place is an unending field of flora, fauna, forest and garden, dotted with the occasional lodging property. The twisting paths from the main restaurant and pool area wind up and through an amazing array of flowering plants and vegetation. Finding one’s bungalow nestled amidst all the rich foliage, at least the first few forays from the lobby area, is an adventure in and of its own. In this small way, it’s a microcosm of an initial visit to the wonderful country of Costa Rica.
For more information, be sure to visit:

Joel Zuckerman, called “One of the Southeast’s most respected and sought-after golf writers” by Golfer’s Guide Magazine, is an award-winning travel writer based in Savannah, Ga., and Park City, Utah. He has written five books, including the epic “Pete Dye Golf Courses” in 2008. Joel’s course reviews, player profiles, essays and features have appeared in more that 100 publications internationally, including Sports Illustrated, Golf, Continental Magazine, Travel & Leisure Golf, Sky Magazine, Golf Connoisseur, Golfweek, Estates West, Millionaire and Golf International. For more of Joel, visit www.vagabondgolfer.com.

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Fishing Report March 28th

April 5th, 2010

Goooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica. Ok down at the luxury Los Sueños Marina, we are closing out March and saying goodbye to another Semana Santa (Easter Week) and the report goes like soooooo…

3-23 Finds Robert Tobeck on board Sunny One and docks with 2 Sails released 1 Dorado and a fine Snapper

3-25 Mr. Terry Harris joins us on Sunny and has a fine day with 1 Sail 1 Marlin 1 Yellow fin Tuna and a whopping Wahoo…

3-26 Today we have Christian Bond angeling with us and docks with an impressive 5 Sails released 1 Marlin and 1 Dinner Dorado nice……………..

3-27 Mr. Terry Harris hits it again with Sunny One and returnes after releasing 6 Sails and boarding 1 Yellow Fin Tuna

3-28 Finds Eddie Dalidowicz steaming out and later docks with 4 Sails released and 1 Dorado…

Thats a fine closeout to March , as always thanks to all our anglers and guests who chose Sunny One and always keep posted on our Web for great deals and remember if you find yourself here on Easter Week finding a beer on Thurs or Friday is like locating a palm tree on the Polar Ice Cap…..But not to worry, Here at SICR we have a beer fairy in captivity….. and never run short of GROG…. or good times and great memories

See you soon…. Your friend in Costa Rica

Salty Dog

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