Fishing Report Dicember 2016

December 5th, 2016

Marlin Joven



Fishing report December 2016

This is Erick Heigold from Stay in Costa Rica, at Los Sueños Resort and Marina.


Some changes have been made through this month on our boat the Sunny One, Captain Ismael Oporta is no longer part of the crew at Stay on Costa Rica. One of our favourite Captains of all time, Captain Walton Smith is behind the wheel of the Sunny One once again, and he began his new chapter with quite a count of 3 Marlins and 2 Sails.


The Sunny One went out 15 times, more than last month, this is because of the high season starting to peak, getting ready for the months of January and February, we will notice an increase in Marlin and Sail, it is the prime time for both of these species. I hope you are here by then and don’t miss out on the excitement.


Sunny One Count


Marlin 9

Sail 23

Dorado 26

Tuna 8


Comments like “Awesome! We love our crew and caught lots of fish. So much fun! You guys know what you´re doing”, motivate us to fish with passion day to day.


And, ¨Another great day on the Sunny One. Added a beautiful yellow fin Tuna to our 2 day collection of fish. Jeremy and Walter worked very hard to make sure our day was enjoyable. Great guys! Thank you again Sunny One¨.


Wind: The University of Costa Rica reported, Conditions for the month of December  were overall calm, with a normal day being winds up to 22 kph, and a windy day reached wind speed up to 29 kph, overall a normal and easy month for fishing in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


Tide:The University of Costa Rica reported, for the first part of the month, hard conditions, swell period 18 seconds, but conditions start smoothing out after the 8th of december with a nice climate for fishing, easy seas most of the time.

We thank our customers for their business.


If you need any help planning your next fishing adventure, do no hesitate to contact me

Toll Free 866-439-5922 ext 168


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Sunny One, With Mike Alligwood, September 19, 2013

September 25th, 2013

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Fishing Report 23 May (95 lb. World Record Dolphinfish Story)

May 23rd, 2011

Gooooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been a bit, but lets head down to the beautiful Los Sueños Marina and see what Capt. Walton and mate Christian have been up to in this month of May………

5-11 Robert Gwaltteny is aboard Sunny One today and docks after hooking up 4 fine Dorados……..

5-12 Today Bill Bratton heads out on the Briny Deep and has a fine day after releasing 6 Sailfish and boarding 2 Yellowfin Tuna….

5-17 Mr. Micheal Gibson tries his angling skills on Sunny One and slams it releasing 9 Sailfish…..

5-18 Returning again today Mr. Gibson does some inshore and hooks up 2 Sharks 1 Spanish Mackeral 1 Needle fish and a Urel -nice mixed bag!!!!!!!!

5-20 Larry Hodson joins Sunny One today and hits good releasing 2 Marlin and boarding 4 Dinner Dorado..

5-22 Emi Beltran steams out and smokes it docking after releasing 1 Sailfish and landing 10 Yellow fin Tuna…..Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emi with Tuna

Emi with Tuna

Well Im going to jump back to March 10th with Mr. Issacson fishing on Sunny One… They hook up a monster Dorado, Capt. Walton thinking this could be a World Record hails up some people on the radio and reports a 95 Lb. Dorado that they just hooked up. He seems to have gotten some misinformation and is told the record is 120Lbs. Which finding out later is not true, it seems the record is around 87Lbs. However by then the fish has been consumed. But the good news is some photos were taken of the weigh-in… so I’m waiting to see what is going to happen if anything – will keep you posted. At any rate, we know Sunny One bagged a world Record Dorado. Congrats Issacsons. Advance to 13:24 on the time line to see the monster dorado.

That will wrap it until next time.You can see the record Dorado and other Sunny One fishing action by going to Remember the best deals on luxury Condos and Villas in Costa Rica and of course some of the Best Sportfishing on Earth – check out our Web.

Until next report, keep your tip up & catch’em up
Salty Dog

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Los Suenos Fishing

April 19th, 2011

Choosing Los Suenos fishing boats

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing which type of charter boat to take on your Los Suenos fishing trip. Since Los Suenos is a popular destination for sportfishing you have a lot of options so you want to do some research before you decide. If you are going with a group the first ting to make sure is your boat will hold as many as people as you want to travel with. There are larger charter boats available that hold up to 8 people or 10 with an extra charge. What does the boat include? There are some that include the whole fishing experience for you including top of the line fishing and safety equipment and include lunch and beverages onboard for you. If you are coming from the United States you want a captain that is bilingual to make things easier. If cruising speed is important to you make sure you find one that suits your needs.

Can’t find a Los Suenos fishing boat

You can find a variety of large, medium sized and small charter boats at Stay in Costa Rica. If you are looking for an even larger boat than the ones listed contact Stay in Costa Rica and they will try to assist you with your needs.

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Los Suenos Rentals

April 18th, 2011

Types of Los Suenos Rentals

In Los Suenos you can rent anything you need for the perfect Costa Rica vacation. You can start by getting your accommodations. Enjoy a condo, villa or home during your stay. Then if you plan on doing some traveling in Costa Rica you might want to consider renting a car. If you just want a way to get around the resort, for example to the marina and back to your condo, consider a golf cart or an electric car. You can get an electric car that holds two, four or six people so even if you came with a group of people you can still get transportation for everyone. Choose between the standard or deluxe golf carts. The deluxe is faster, operates smoother and is newer. To find Los Suenos rentals visit Stay in Costa Rica.

Tips for Los Suenos Rentals

If you are coming during the busy season between Dec 15th and April 15th you should book your Los Suenos rentals ahead of time to ensure there are options available. Remember that an electric car can’t go on the highway so if you plan on doing some highway traveling you will need to rent a car.

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Costa Rica Jaco Fishing

April 15th, 2011

Costa Rica Jaco fishing trips

If you love fishing you probably don’t just want to spend one day out in the water so make your Costa Rica Jaco fishing experience into a whole trip. It’s easy to do with fishing packages. You can get a couple days out in the water, have your accommodations included and a travel to and from the airport. You can also get a free day so you can enjoy other Costa Rica activities as well. You don’t have to think about planning and it’s so easy to book.  You also get options when booking a fishing trip. You get to choose the different condos you stay at as well as different fishing boats. Visit Stay in Costa Rica to learn more about booking a fishing trip and see the different options.

Costa Rica Jaco fishing tips

Make sure to get a fishing license since it is required to fish in Costa Rica. If you book a fishing trip you will be on a chartered boat that has access to all the supplies you need so you shouldn’t have to worry about extra supplies. Check to see what fish are available when you go so you have an idea of what you are most likely to catch.

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Costa Rica Condo

April 14th, 2011

A look at a luxury Costa Rica condo

Luxury condos are located in the Los Suenos resort and offer great amenities. You can chose from one, two or three bedroom floor plans. There are plenty of different views and locations available for a luxury Costa Rica condo. Many are within walking distance to the marina, beach club and other restaurants. Each condo location includes swimming pools, a jacuzzi, an air conditioned fitness facility covered parking and guarded gate entry. Prices range depending on the time of the year. Condos also feature different architecture design including Mediterranean and Spanish tropical design. These condos are great for staying in with family and friends.

A look at a premium Costa Rica condo

If you want the life of luxury when traveling to Costa Rica consider a premium Costa Rica condo. These condos have the best views and ample living areas and amenities. Special upgrades include elevators, walk in closets, private terraces and air-conditioned controls in every room. You can choose from one, two or three bedrooms and different locations. The condo locations come with the same amenities as the luxury condos and some even come with more.   If you want to stay in either a premium or luxury condo during your Costa Rica vacation visit Stay in Costa Rica.

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Ecotourism in Costa Rica

April 13th, 2011

Is Costa Rica ecotourism important to you?

If you want to do your part to protect the wildlife and natural resources you see when you travel, consider participating in activities that promote ecotourism. Even if you aren’t totally interested in saving the planet, participating in a Costa Rica ecotourism activity is an easy way to enjoy your Costa Rican vacation without much damage to the surrounding environment. When going on a tour that promotes ecotourism you will also learn more about your surroundings. If you are serious about ecotourism activities, you want to make sure that the place you book your tour through really does promote ecotourism and it is not just a term they throw around to try and get people to buy vacations. Ask questions if you need to. Visit Stay in Costa Rica to find a list of nature tours where part of the profits are donated to organizations that are dedicated to preserving the planet.

Types of Costa Rica ecotourism

Ecotourism can come in different forms. There is some nature ecotourism. Due to the amounts of nature in Costa Rica many ecotourism activities in Costa Rica are usually based around nature activities. Sometimes ecotourism will also promote different cultures as well.

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Rental Homes in Costa Rica

April 12th, 2011

Rental homes in Costa Rica make great vacation accommodations

If you are traveling to Costa Rica for a vacation with a group of people, consider looking at rental homes in Costa Rica for your accommodations. Rental homes provide more space than other places and many will come with a pool to enjoy privately. Not only do many come with a pool but also you will have your own kitchen stocked with gourmet appliances as well as air conditioning controls in every bedroom.  Depending on the resorts you book your rental home through you also get the perks of a hotel including daily maid service. With a rental home you may get better access to gorgeous Costa Rica views since homes can be settled up in the hills where a hotel couldn’t be built. Homes can range from 3 to 8 bedrooms so they are the perfect option when you are traveling with friends or a large family.

Book rental homes in Costa Rica

Once you know where to stay in Costa Rica and found the rental home you want to stay in then book it. Each home is different and if you find one you like you should book it for the time you want before someone else does. Visit Stay in Costa Rica for rental homes in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Villas for Rent

April 11th, 2011

Where can you find Costa Rica Villas for Rent

If you want to find a Costa Rica villa for rent you don’t have to stress out about finding one. First come up with a list of what you would like to see your villa have so you can narrow down some options If you are flexible about what your villas has and don’t really care about certain amenities then at least know how many bedrooms you need. Some companies have rules about how many people can stay in each bedroom. It’s usually only two to a bedroom so keep this in mind if you are traveling with a big group of people. Have an idea about where you want your villa to be located. This will give you an idea of what activities you can participate in and help plan the rest of your Costa Rica vacation. Once you have a list you can visit Stay in Costa Rica to find a list of villas and to learn more about renting a villa for your vacation.

Don’t know what to bring to Costa Rica villas for rent?

When you book a villa through Stay in Costa Rica it’s easy to know what to bring. Your villas come fully stocked and if you prepare an itemized list you can have your villa stocked with extra things before you get there.

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