Ode to Salty, a fishermans lament

December 10th, 2009

It was the nite before Christmas and all round the yacht

the only thing moving was the fishys

in the live bait pot

all the crew passed out in their beds

while visions of new black bart and Halloween lures

danced in their heads

with the tuna tubes all lined up in a row

just swillin some grog waiting to see what might show

when all of the sudden

from the outriggers arose such a clatter

i bolted from the v birth

to see what could be the matter

and there on my deck thru my rum glazed eyes

stood a 2000 lb marlin

gazing at me with his big fishy eyes

a gigantic beast if there ever was

a Costa Rican record  i would be all the buzz

and i thought i heard him exclaim

as he tail walked from my sight

catch me if you can salty you son of a b

and if ever you do best keep the line tighhhhhhhhht!!!!!!

Merry fishmas  and happy new lure

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