Restaurante La Casona del Maiz

April 29th, 2010

Here is a place you should not miss if you come to Costa Rica. It is called La Casona del Maiz which means the “The Big Ole’ House of Corn”. Well excuse my translation but what is important is this place is one of the few traditional spots that still exist here. Located in the mountains surrounding San Jose this cultural relic from the past has not changed much over the past 60 years and although it is a classic tourist opportunity, very few tourists ever see this place. The fact that is fairly busy with nearly all local Ticos shows it has real authenticity. The food is fantastic and as you would expect the prices are reasonable.

Waitress La Casona del Maiz

The dish I ordered here is typical farmer’s meal with Homemade Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto), Scrambled Eggs, Farmers Cheese, Fresh Tortillas and Avocados all served on a banana palm leave. You can also get the same meal with other options. My understanding is the Beef is not too good in Costa Rica but the chicken here is outstanding and very fresh. As a matter of fact the chickens in the field next door looked kind of scared to me.

The kitchen is meticulously clean and as you can see the cooks, waiters and waitresses dress in traditonal wear. They also sell all kinds of souvineers, art and dried fruits and sweets.

You find La Casona del Maiz about 10 minutes outside the airport on your way through La Garita on the old highway on your way to the new highway, so this will not cost you much additional travel time on your way to Los Suenos Resort. Come visit Costa Rica and don’t forget to include La Casona as part of your travel experience.
Larry Savage.

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